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Ѻ DJI Avata Ẻ ԡ


Թ : EXTRA260-1
EXTRA 260 S-01 73
ʶҹԹ : ԹҾ
Ҥ 9,000.00   ԺС

ͧԹູԹ Ҵ 30cc ҡ KDS ҧա 73

Product Description : 

Wingspan: 73 in(1.85M)
Wing Area: 964 sq in(6220sq cm)
Fuselage length: 62 in(1.57M)
Weight: 10.47 lbs(4.75kg)
Engine: 26-35cc


Strong Light Weight Construction 
Professional designed for 3D and precision aerobatics
Cowl with cowl ring. No exterior screws exposed 
Complete hardware included
Removable wings and stabs 
All control horns included  
Aluminium hub tires included  
Laser cut engine mounting templates 
High Pre-installation :
Pre hinged wings and stabs
Pre hinged  Rudder  
Pre installed fuel tank 
Pre installed firewall, ready for New DLE-30 engine.
Pre mounted and painted Canopy 
Pre installpull pull wire with ball links on rudder 
Pre install push rods with Ball links 
Carbon Fiber accessories  version:
Carbon Fiber wing tube include   
Carbon Fiber tail wing tube  include  
Carbon Fiber landing gear  include 
Carbon Fiber tail wheel  include 
Carbon Fiber spinner  include 





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