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Ѻ DJI Avata Ẻ ԡ

Թ : X5
X5 Flying Wing EPO plane 
ʶҹԹ : ԹҾ
Ҥ 3,400.00   ԺС

X5 աԹ͡ẺѺ÷ء੾ ͧз˭ öػóFPVҧʺ ẵ 3s 5000mA

This is the newest flying wing designed for FPV and UAV, customed for Feiyu staberlizer systems. Big internal room, excellent glider performance, fast speed.

If you are looking for a big internal room, but small size and easy to take FPV or UAV platform, X5 is your best choice, designed to take a photo camera and video devices, and can be put in any car's trunk without any problem.

Don't be fooled by its size, the payload is beyond your imagination.

Small size, big payload

Length: 550mm


Recommand motor: 2212-2215, kv1400-kv1700, thrust 700-1300g

prop: 7070-8060.













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