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Թ : DJI-Z15-N
DJI Zenmuse 15 (Z15) Camera Gimbal for SONY NEX5/NEX7 
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Ҥ 112,000.00
ҤҾ 82,500.00   ԺС



3-AXIS professional gimbal with high performance for zenmuse

DJI Zenmuse Gimbal is a milestone gimbal system which is developed for professional filming, aerial photography for commercial use. Even if aircrafts are in a fast-speed flight, it can still stabilize and control the camera equipment precisely with highest stability. The precision of control angle is within the range of ±0.05°, so picture or video output can reach the best effect.



Gimbal Design Customized for Different Cameras for Zenmuse z15

In order to make the gimbal function the best, DJI provides the customized Gimbal according to the types of camera. For example, the Zenmuse Z15 supports two types of camera, which are Sony Nex5/7 and Panasonic GH2. One type of Gimbal can only support one serial of camera. When users want to use a different series of camera, they need purchase the additional accessories related.



Multiple Control Modes for zenmuse z15

Zenmuse gimbal system has three types of control modes, which are Orientation-locked control mode, Non Orientation-locked control mode and Back to Mid-point mode (Horizontal mode). The three types of modes can be switched quickly from one mode to another to meet the different requirements of aerial photography. With the perfect mode and easy operation of the stable 3-axis Zenmuse gimbal, users can take excellent aerial works.


3-axis Rotation Angle Unlimited for zenmuse z15

The 3-axis Zenmuse gimbal system has creative design for its mechanical structure design. The slip rings inside avoid the complicated wiring. All the wires of the power and signal lines are integrated into pipes of the Gimbal , which makes the axis can rotate without any limitation. The Yaw control could reach ±360°, the Pitch control could reach ±360° and the Roll control could reach ±40° (±360° mechanic continuous rotation).


Built-in Independent IMU Module for zenmuse z15 

Due to DJI years UAV autopilot system achievement into perfect attitude-stabilized algorithm, together with the high-precise induction device, it can have perfect performance on attitude control. Without the requirement of extra installation and connection of extra wires, it is easy to assemble and it can maintain stable when flying.



Independent Gimbal Controller for zenmuse z15

The separated controller equipped to gimbal is connected by the CAN wires with the main controller of DJI autopilot system. According to gimbal attitude feedback, it can control the rotation directions and angles high precisely and also communicate and get real-time control orders from the main controller of autopilot system.



DJI Gimbal Special Servos Drive Module for zenmuse z15

DJI Customized Gimbal Special Servos Drive Module meets all the control requirements of high performance Zenmuse gimbal. With high precision, low vibration, high torque characters,DJI Gimbal Special Servos Drive Module is an excellent combination of drive and module.



HDMI-AV Module for zenmuse z15

In order to minimize the payload of aircraft, the video output module with expanded features like camera shutter is customized to transform HDMI signal to AV in neat wiring, which ensure the smooth and free movement of the 3 axial Gimbal.



S-Bus Receiver Support for zenmuse z15

It supports most of transmitters and receivers in the market. At the meantime, it provides Futaba S-Bus receiver support and it is user-friendly.



3-axis rotation controlled for zenmuse z15

Zenmuse Gimbal 3-axis rotation controlling function is simple and easy to apply. Stick range corresponds with rotation speed of gimbal axis. Excellent control algorithm guarantee high precision performance of the axis rotation. Zenmuse gimbal rotation speed will not be influenced even when the aircraft is in high-speed spinning or quick lifting.


Technical Specifications


Built-In Functions Three Working Modes
◊ Orientation-locked control
◊ Non orientation-locked control
◊ Back to mid-point (Horizontal mode)
Built-in independent IMU module
DJI gimbal special servos drive module
HDMI-AV module
S-Bus receiver support

Electrical & Mechanical Characteristics

Working Current Static current: 200mA (@25V)
Dynamic current: 400mA (@25V)
Locked-rotor current: 4A (@25V)
Operating Temperature -10°C ~ 50°C
Communication Interface CAN (Compatible with ACE&WKM)
Weight 880g (Without UBEC, HDMI-AV module)
Dimensions 200mm × 200mm × 230mm
Frame Dimensions For Camera (Inside) 115mm × 75mm

Working Performance

Load Weight (Reference Value) 392g (@Panasonic GH2)
Angle Control Accuracy ±0.05°
Max Controlled Rotation Speed ±180°/s
Controlled Rotation Range Yaw control: ±360° continuous rotation
Pitch control: ±360° continuous rotation
Roll control: ±40° (±360° mechanic continuous rotation)


Supported Camera SONY:Nex5/Nex7
Input Power 4S~12S LiPo
Control Requirement Four spare receiver channels
Assistant Software System Requirement Windows XP SP3; Windows 7

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