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Թ : DJI-Wookong-M
DJI Wookong Multi-Rotor stabilization controller  
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Wookong - M controller ҡ DJI ͡ẺѺMultirotor੾ ͧAltitude HoldPosition HoldѧöReturn to HomeAuto landing

ö觪ششwookong tower



General specifications
Built-In Functions: Autopilot
Auto Hover Fail Safe
Multi Rotor Types: Quad-Rotor
Supported ESC output: 200Hz refresh frequencys
Recommended Transmitter: PCM or 2.4GHz with minimum 5 channels and Failsafe function available on all channels
Recommended Power Supply: DC 4.8 ~ 12V
Power Consumption: MAX 5W
(0.9A@5V, 0.7A@5.8V,0.5A@7.4V,0.4A@8V)
Operating Temperature: -5°C to +60°C
(You have to keep the IMU warm if you want to use it under low temperature, could be -5°Cor lower.)
Flight Performance (can be effect by mechanical performance)
Hovering Accuracy: Vertical: ± 0.5m

± 2m

Suitable Wind Condition: < 8m/s (17.7mph)
Max Rotate Angle: 30°
Vertical Speed: 3m/s
Packaging &Shapes
Total Weight: <= 150g
Dimensions: Main Controller: 61mm x 39.6mm x 15.8mm
IMU: 40mm x 31mm x 26mm
GPS & Compass: 50mm (diameter) x 9mm
LED Indicator: 25mm x 25mm x 7mm


DJI Wookong Multi-Rotor stabilization controller for WKM

DJI Wookong Multi-Rotor stabilization controller is a complete flight system for all multi-rotor platforms for commercial and industrial AP applications. Unlike others, WooKong allows the use of regular ESC commonly used in RC helicopter without any wiring modification; Heli mode setup providing a seamless transition for current Ace One AP professionals. WK-M utilizes high quality components precisely calibrated with temperature compensation in all gyros and sensors, industry renounce flight algorithm in autopilot and UAV.



9 types of multi-rotors and a Customized Motor Mixer for WKM

Support 9 traditional motor mixer:
Quad I, Quad X
Hexa I,Hexa V, Hexa Y, Hexa IY
Octo X, Octo I,Octo V
Its an UAS that targeting at commercial and industrial multirotor platform with simple configuration, easy installation and stable performance.

wkm platform


Gimbal Stabilization for WKM

The gimbal stabilization module is compatible with almost all 2-axis gimbal systems. The system will adjust the gimbal and camera according to the attitude of the helicopter after setting the parameters the first time.


supporting Futaba S-bus receiver for WKM

Compatible with almost all radios-PCM or 2.4Ghz



Power Monitoring Unit for WKM

Specially designed for WKM to solve the high power consumption problem of power support system. It contains two power outputs for entire WKM system andreceiver separately, a battery voltage monitor, and two CAN-Bus interfaces.



Built-in Damper for WKM

Small footprint and weight ease installation in tight space and various aircraft sizes.

built in damper


Precise Position and Altitude hold for WKM

With WKM, the multirotors will have position and altitude lock in windy conditions. Precise hovering in less than 2m horizital and and 0.5m vertical.


High Accuracy and Driving Handfeel for WKM

With the WKM, flying a multi-rotor will be as easy as driving a car. The pilot is released from the stress of control the multi-rotor and able to pay more attention to other tasks such as camera angle, instead of focus on flying.


Motor arm/disarm mode for WKM

1. Start Motor: When using WKM, pushing throttle stick before takeoff will not start motors. You have to execute any one of following four Combination Stick Commands (CSC)to start motors.

2. Stop Motor: We provide two options to stop motors: Immediately, Intelligent.

ImmediatelyMode:By using this mode, in any control mode, once motors start and throttle stick is over 10%, motors will stop immediately when throttle stick is back under 10% again. In this case, if you push the throttle stick over 10% in 5 seconds after motors stop, motors will re-start, CSCis no need. If you dont push throttle stick after motors start in three seconds, motors will stop automatically.

IntelligentMode: By using this mode, different control mode has different way of stopping motors. In Manual Mode, only executing CSCcanstop motors. In Atti.orGPS Atti. Mode, any one of following four cases will stop motors:

contents pic


Multiple flight control mode/ Intelligent Switching for WKM
GPS Atti. Mode Atti. Mode Manual Mode
Command Stick Meaning Multi attitude control; Stick center position for 0º attitude, its endpoint is 35º. Maximum angular velocity is 150°/s. No attitude angle limitation and vertical velocity locking.
Command Linearity YES
Stick Released Lock rotor position when GPS signal is adequate. Only attitude stabilizing. NOT Recommend
Altitude Lock Maintain the altitude best above 1 meter from ground. NO
GPS Lost After 10s when GPS signallost, system enters Atti. Mode automatically. Only performing attitude stabilizing without position lock.
Safety Attitude & speed mixture control ensures stability; Enhanced fail-safe Depends on experience.
Applications AP work Sports flying.


Upgrade to Ground Station Control System

WKM can be upgraded to ground station that is more powerful un-man platform to satisfy the highly requirement of customer. Customer can active the different function to meet the real requirement.

Ground Station equipped with 3D map and virtually flight dashboard that offer the flight real time data of attitude, position, speed and angle. The radio signal, accelerator position and Servo voltage are also displayed on ground station.

Our autopilot systems and autonomous aerial platforms are used and applied in a wide range of commercial and industrial applications such as; aerial photography, surveillance, cartography, survey & rescue, power/ lines inspection, forest patrol, filming & advertising, police pursuit, military stealth, etc.

wkm ground station


Intelligent Orientation Control (IOC)

Usually, the forward direction of a flying multi-rotor is the same as the nose direction. By using Intelligent Orientation Control (IOC), wherever the nose points,the forward direction has nothing to do with nose direction:

In course lock flying, the forward direction is the same as a recorded nose direction. See the following figures(Mode 2):

contents pic

In home lock flying, the forward direction is the same as the direction from home point to multi-rotor.See the following figures (Mode 2):

contents pic


Two Levels Low Voltage Protections and Auto Go Home

In order to preventyour multi-rotor from crash or other harmful consequences caused by low battery voltage, we have designed two levels low voltage protections. You can choose to not to use them, All two level protections have LED warning as default. First level will blink yellow light ceaselessly; second level will blink red light ceaselessly. Compare the Go Home and Landing of low voltage protection and the Go Home and Landing in Enhanced Failed-safe, the generations of Home Location are the same; the Go Home routes are the same; the difference is that there is no hovering before landing in low voltage protection.

wkm low voltage protect


Enhanced Fail-Safe and Auto Go Home/Landing

Enhanced fail-safe is the feature to ensure that the multi-rotor will hover automatically when it loses RC signal. After loss of signal for a certain length of time, WKM will calculate the safest route to the home position and control the multi-rotor to return home, hovering over your GPS start point eventually and then auto landing. This feature will guarantee the safety of your expensive payloads and equipment on the platform.











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