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Թ : 58G-Mi600
FPV Mi600 5.8G 600mW Video Transmitter Long Distance Smallest 
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Ҥ 2,700.00
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- Mi600 is a so far the most compact-design 5.8G mini video transmission. It has a super tiny size of 28x21x8mm. Selective clover antenna integrated, together with super smart design for the 600mW body, make the range up to 2.5~3Km without interference. Mi600 also is the most elegant & fashion FPV video transmission set in the world. No more big size, ugly look. Together with our G3 FPV/Sport Camera, you even can use it in your home, in your boat, etc.

Product details:
- Power: 600mW
- Antenna: clover antenna
- Body: High quality CNC alloy

Technical specification:
- Size:28x27x8mm- Weight: 18g- Power: 5~28V (Recommend to use 3S lipo)- 5V out

Package content:
- 5.8G 600mW Transmission x 1
- Selective clover antenna x 1
















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