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Թ : TL8X000
Tarot X8 8aixs frame TL8X000  
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Ҥ 19,500.00   ԺС




Product Description:
   TAROT X8 multiaxial for professional aerial photography aircraft is designed for users of a multi-axis flight carrier, standard new electric contraction folding tripod, umbrella folding machine arm, integrated PCB board wiring the power, more efficient power transfer and other connections safety, provide adequate space for the installation of various flight control systems.
   8 rotors provide sufficient power, even if one axis unexpectedly stop working, but also to ensure that the aircraft is in a stable condition. Whole has lightweight, portable and convenient. Maximum take-off weight of about 10KG, easily carrying 5D level aerial equipment, with 15 minutes of battery life, as well as 12 minutes of effective working time.
State Intellectual Property has been granted TAROT HM Ltd. This product five patents:
   patent number patent number: 2014204282854
patent number patent number: 2014203682366
patent number patent number: 2014302624585
patent number patent number: 2014301541104
patent number patent number: 2014302583208

Product Specifications:
Symmetric Motor Wheelbase: 1050MM
Folding propeller Specifications: 15 inch
Arm length: 416MM
Arm Weight: 106G
Centre plate diameter: 338MM
Undercarriage clearance height: 391MM
Battery Specifications: 15C, 22.2V, 10000-2000MHA
6S Brushless ESC: 40A
Maximum power consumption: 4000W
Hover Power: 1500W (9.5KG)
Hover Time: 15MIN
Working temperature: -10 ℃ ~ 40 ℃
Weight: 2250KG
Total weight: 2.7KG
Accessories Reference Number:
Rotor Specifications: 1555 folding propeller Clamp TL100D04
Brushless Motor: 4114 / 320KV multi-axis brushless motor TL100B08
Brushless ESC: hobbyWing Hooray 40A, 6S

























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