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FMS 70mm Avanti V3 PNP  
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Ҥ 10,900.00   ԺС

The classic FMS Avanti, reimagined!


Developed by a Sino-Italian team of pilots and engineers, the FMS Avanti is at the pinnacle of model aviation. The sleek and attractive design from the Sebart team, combined with FMS innovative and advanced production methods promises excellent performance from a true head-turning aircraft.


True to the FMS spirit, the 70mm Avanti V3 was evaluated from nose to tail with no detail overlooked. Retaining the plug-type wiring harness, screw-together assembly, all-terrain tires, plastic and carbon fiber components for added airframe rigidity and an oversized battery compartment to suit most battery sizes.


Simultaneously, FMS has upgraded 8 major features:

1. Improved EDF structure for added efficiency

2. An updated 3060 KV1900 motor for added thrust to weight ratio.

3. Upgraded ESC: Hobbywing OEM 80A ESC with 5A BEC for improved reliability and performance

4. Improved wing connector: banana plug improved to a soft connector type- for added reliability.

5. Improved landing gear: redesigned kneel-type shock absorbing landing gear strut.

6. Attractive golden trim scheme

7. Added navigation lights

8. Durable EPO material


If you are searching for a truly heart pounding experience, the 70mm Avanti V3 is the pinnacle of FMS EDF design.


1. Power system: 70mm 12 bladed EDF, 3060 KV1900 motor, Hobbywing OEM 80A ESC, 9g metal servo

2. Electronic retracts with stall-protection

3. CNC kneel-type shock absorbing landing gear

4. Oversized battery compartment

5. Screw-together assembly

6. Soft electronic wing connector

7. Latch type cockpit

8. Preinstalled ball link connector for increased throw and precision

9. Large tires for all terrain operations


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