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RC Thai

Ѻ DJI Avata Ẻ ԡ

Թ : TOP076B
1200MM FW-190 (TOP076B) 
ʶҹԹ : ԹҾ
Ҥ 5,500.00   ԺС

1. Super power and Thrust weight ratio is 1;

2. It can finish the inverted flight, inside loops, outside loops, axial rolls and other aerobatic actions.

3.  Stable flight and easy to control, it also can climb with wide-angel continuously;

4.  EPO foam material with high crash-resistance advantage;

5. Scale appearance and vivid flight gesture;

6.  With the scale electric retractable landing gear, and it can collect and release the landing gear and cowling;

7.  With high scale inner seat and instrument panel as well as the joystick and signal cable, which makes this model more scale , and details.

8. The flashlight system in the main wings makes this model much more attractive in the night flight, it also with flaps.


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