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FMS 800mm (31.5 inch) Zero V2 
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Ҥ 4,500.00   ԺС



The A6M Zero was a long-range fighter aircraft operated by the Imperial Japanese Air Service. In early combat operations, the Zero gained a legendary reputation as a 'dogfighter' remaining king of the air until around 1943. The aircraft was designed with long range and performance in mind, durability and pilot protection were not considered priorities and this led to many very good pilots to loose their lives. Ultimately this resulted in an Allied advantage later in the war.

FMS have continuously developed and improved its 800 Series Aircraft. The new Zero brings high energy and affordable fun to all intermediate level pilots.

Key Features

  • Many scale features including three blade painted propeller, steerable tail gear, hand painted pilot figure, and Japanese graphics
  • Reinforced main landing gear and steerable tail gear
  • Upgraded FMS proprietary servos
  • Upgraded motor quality
  • Improved body design and Center of Gravity (CG) makes this version 2 easier to control 
  • Durable EPO foam construction
  • Wingspan 750mm/29.5in
    Overall Length 570mm/22.4in
    Flying Weight Around 460g
    Motor Size 3128-KV1150 Powerful Out runner Brushless Motor
    ESC 20A Brushless ESC
    Servo 9g Servo x 4
    Radio 4 Channel
    CG (center of gravity) 40mm (From Leading Edge)
    Prop Size 8.5*6, 3 Blade Propeller
    Recommended Battery Li-Po 7.4V 1300mAh 20C
    Aileron Yes
    Elevator Yes
    Rudder Yes
    Flaps No
    Retracts No
    Approx. Flying Duration 6 minutes
    Minimum Age Recommendation 14+
    Experience Level Beginner
    Assembly Time 45 minutes


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